I miss a certain time in a parallel universe

I miss a certain time in a parallel universe… I miss the little sweet girl I was and the little sweet boy you were. I miss the yellow flower this boy would have given me and I miss the rain drops falling on our heads while we were lying down on the grass seeing stars in the sky.

I miss certain kisses I never gave you and I miss to be held in your arms in times I needed you and you were not there.

I miss the night I was not with you to share the pain, and the fear, and the despair you felt.

I miss the smiles from a boy watching me dancing on my beloved stage.

I miss the poems I never wrote to you.

I miss a past we have not lived in this dimension but unfortunately we cannot change it, paint it, make it.

Time has passed and I cannot help missing the sweetness I had inside of me one day… the smiles, the tears, the poems, the dreams, the pure heart, the unrivalled strength and the unlimited kindness. This I can change… and I can try to show both of us this beautiful person hidden behind a computer, an airplane and a good pay check and a huge, constant disappointment.

I cannot do anything to change what I did to you, any harm I caused you and you cannot change any harm you caused me.

But in the middle of all this craziness, this battle for success, we can both try to change the future that starts always on the second after this current one… and we have the power to make it lighter and brighter and better.

We have the obligation to try to make each other happy and I will try hard to do so. Just because I love you.


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